Student Services



All students are required to attend the Orientation program which serves as an information session on the critical aspects of studying at AIWT and living in Australia. Students will benefit from this assstance, as it would help settle into life at our institution more easily and ultimately reducing the wastage of ‘emotional energy’ on ‘culture shock’. AIWT further assists students in areas such as:

  • Overseas Student Health Cover
  • Transport and parking ifnroatmion
  • AIWT policies and procedures
  • Campus tour and familiarisation
  • Meeting our friendly staff.

Teaching and Learning

AIWT delivers courses over a period of 20 hours per week, with hands on classroom and a workshop training approach with assessments that include written tests, assignments and observed simulated practice. Our teaching staff are available to assist you excel and achieve greater heights in your chosen area of study, they also bring to their classroom a wealth of teaching experience, industry knowledge and a unique approach to delivering world class education and training.

International Office

Our international office and service team are available to assist students with advice and information on visa/passport enquiries, academic problems, personal circumstances, payment of fees, course loads, policies, procedures and any other student enquiries that can be addressed within AIWT’s capabilities.

Assessment Template

Students study with competency based training and assessment methods are assessed according to established industry standards that will equip you with the essential skills and knowledge to a gain a firm footing in your chosen industry area.